WEBINAR: Learn More About Foundation Waterproofing

Posted by SOPREMA Experts on Feb 21, 2020 1:00:00 PM

The objective of this presentation is to demonstrate the importance of foundation waterproofing, of course, but also the factors you need to consider before selecting a waterproofing system. Furthermore, our aim is to help you get a full understanding of the available systems on the market, the characteristics of foundation structures, the properties, installation methods, strengths and limitations of various materials and products, as well as the forces you might be working against when attempting to protect a structure.

Learning objectives :

  • Why focus on below-grade waterproofing?
  • Environmental forces linked to soil moisture
  • Two methods to protect foundations from water and moisture
  • Types of application
  • Water management and protection
  • Causes of waterproofing failure
  • Keys to success


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