SOPRA-XPS: A Strong and Versatile Insulation

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SOPRA-XPS is a thermal insulation panel composed of extruded polystyrene. It is made of closed-cell foam and is mainly used as thermal insulation for SOPREMA foundation systems, inverted roofs including plaza decks and green roofs and parking decks.


Over 25% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content.

Do you know the 8 qualities that make SOPRA-XPS a performant product? 

1. Water Resistance

SOPRA-XPS has outstanding resistance to water and moisture thanks to its dense closed-cell composition. It is designed to perform in all applications, even in areas exposed to moisture, such as below-grade walls and inverted roofs. It adapts to temperature changes in winter climates and freeze-thaw cycles. Even when exposed to moisture, SOPRA-XPS is mould and bacteria resistant.

2. Product Quality

It meets CCMC requirements and is consistent with CAN ULC S701.1 standards thanks to the following features:

  • Good compressive strength
  • High R-value (R-5/inch)
  • Dimensional stability
  • Very low water absorption

3. Thermal Resistance and Consistency

SOPRA-XPS has a consistent R-value – it maintains its thermal and mechanical performance throughout the life of the building.

4. Durability and Performance

SOPRA-XPS offers one of the greatest compression strengths in the market, both for heavy and dynamic loads.

5. Air Leakage Reduction

The homogeneous closed cell composition of SOPRA-XPS prevents large gaps in the insulation, and this in turn prevents any uncontrolled movement of air through the assemblies.

6. Environment

The use of SOPRA-XPS can contribute to obtaining LEED credits.

7. Strength and Versatility

Rigid and resistant, it is compatible with several types of applications. It is easy to cut, clean and dust free. Lightweight and easy to install, SOPRA-XPS is available in different sizes and compressive strengths to meet all needs.

8. Energetic Efficiency

Energy loss caused by air leaks from a poorly insulated building can represent a high percentage of heating and cooling costs. In summer and winter, SOPRA-XPS helps regulate the temperature inside a building over a long period, since it maintains its thermal performance throughout the life of the building.

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